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Welcome to the demonstration site for the SOAR myTroop unit website service.  Feel free to look around, add content, and change content to undersand how your Boy Scout Troop can benefit from the SOAR myTroop service.

Given this is a demonstration site, there are a few areas were you will not be allowed to change content/settings.  These will be noted when you reach them.

Note: This demonstration site contains all the features of the Advanced package.  Please refer to www.mytroop.us/features.html for a list of which features are available in other packages.

This site is reloaded nightly, so any changes you make will be removed at that time.

If you have any questions, please contact SOAR support at support@soarol.com

Troop Meeting at RockVentures and Pizza

Posted on Sep 21 2009 - 9:18am

Meeting at RockVentures! Come climb for 90 minutes, and then have 30 minutes of time to hold a meeting…with pizza(Chimney Bluff package). $150 for up to 10 people, $15 for each additional person. They will provide a slice of pizza and a drink for each person, we provide the rope holders. You are not a RockVentures certified rope holder, they will train anyone who’s over twelve an hour before our meeting for only $10! We need between 10 and 12 rope holders depending on the number of boys participating, so the purposal is to get trained the before the meeting. Your training is good for 6 months, and renewable once it expires.

Everyone must ware a helmet, and RockVentures suggest that you bring your bicycle helmet!

A permission slip and RockVentures Waiver are required to participate in this activity!

Sign up run through November!

Check out www.rockventures.net

Ski Night Date Change -- Important Update!

Posted on Jan 28 2009 - 10:50pm
I just took a call from the Bristol event manager (Sarah) regarding our 1/27
date. They've cancelled it due to a lack of snow.

Here's the problem. They're giving us a choice to move our ski date to one

Camping Equipment

Posted on Jan 28 2009 - 10:50pm
Attached are the lists of camping equipment recommended for different seasons along with a Christmas list for your scouts

Responding to Emergency (RTE) Training **Updated**

Posted on Jan 8 2007 - 10:58am
The troop needs RTE certified parents for many of the campouts, so if you can attend this training it would be a great help!

We have an opportunity for personalized RTE training Jan Safety. Jan is a licensed RTE, CPR-pro, etc instructor for the Red Cross. She is willing to meet with individuals interested to access what instruction is needed. Then they would need to go to Prince Street and buy the RTE book and do an individual study program based on what Patty outlines. Patty will instruct us on CPR-pro,, Oxygen handling, etc.

BSA Troop # 123

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